grape juice (CDGJM_200)

Systematic name: ethanol, D-fructose [100 g/L], glucose [100 g/L], uracil [150 mg/L], FAN [450 mg/L], polyphenol extract [3 g/L]
Common name: grape juice (CDGJM_200)
Description Chemically defined grape juice medium containing 200 g L−1 sugar as equimolar amounts of glucose and fructose (high sugar; CDGJM_200) and 450 mg L−1 FAN as a mixture of amino acids and ammonium chloride [17, 45] was used. The CDGJM_200 was supplemented with 150 mg L−1 uracil, and included 3 g L−1 polyphenol extract polyphenol extract dissolved in ethanol (amount unknown)