A special thanks goes to the authors of these 119 publications who have provided unpublished versions of their datasets, including raw quantitative data and/or lists of tested genes.

Contact person Publication Unpublished data List of tested genes
Minyi Shi, Michael Snyder Ni L~Snyder M, 2001 no yes
Michele Bianchi Bianchi MM~Frontali L, 2001 yes yes
Ron Blackman Fleming JA~Blackman RK, 2002 no yes
Benedikt Westermann Dimmer KS~Westermann B, 2002 no yes
Bertrand Daignan-Fornier Desmoucelles C~Daignan-Fornier B, 2002 no yes
Wayne Wilson, Peter J. Roach Wilson WA~Roach PJ, 2002 no yes
Brandt L. Schneider Zhang J~Schneider BL, 2002 yes yes
Grant W. Brown Chang M~Brown GW, 2002 no yes
Scott E. Devine Griffith JL~Devine SE, 2003 no yes
Jerry Kaplan Davis-Kaplan SR~Kaplan J, 2004 yes yes
Dindial Ramotar Aouida M~Ramotar D, 2004 no yes
Joaquín Ariño Serrano R~Arino J, 2004 no yes
Michael McEachern Askree SH~McEachern MJ, 2004 no yes
Emmanuel Lesuisse Lesuisse E~Dancis A, 2005 yes yes
Caryn Outten, Valerie Culotta Outten CE~Culotta VC, 2005 no yes
Sidong Huang, Erin O'Shea Huang S~O'Shea EK, 2005 yes yes
John Lopes Gardocki ME~Lopes JM, 2005 yes yes
Flaviano Giorgini Giorgini F~Muchowski PJ, 2005 no yes
Jing Huang Xie MW~Huang J, 2005 yes yes
Udo Schmidt Luban C~Schmidt U, 2005 yes yes
Elena Stepchenkova, Youri I. Pavlov Stepchenkova EI~Pavlov YI, 2005 no yes
Patricia Kane Sambade M~Kane PM, 2005 no yes
Bernard Turcotte Hellauer K~Turcotte B, 2005 no yes
Steven Gorsich Gorsich SW~Skory CD, 2006 no yes
Christopher Grant Rand JD~Grant CM, 2006 no yes
Roger Schneiter Reiner S~Schneiter R, 2006 no yes
Jeffrey M. Becker Cai H~Becker JM, 2006 yes yes
Steven D. Cappell, Henrik Dohlman Chasse SA~Dohlman HG, 2006 yes yes
John Lopes Hancock LC~Lopes JM, 2006 no yes
Katsuhide Fujita, Katsuhide Fujita, Katsuhide Fujita Fujita K~Iwahashi H, 2006 yes no
Barry Panaretou Liao C~Panaretou B, 2007 no yes
Florian Freimoser Freimoser FM~Amrhein N, 2006 yes yes
Simon Avery Bishop AL~Avery SV, 2007 no yes
Karin Thevissen Thevissen K~Francois IE, 2007 no yes
Alan Bakalinsky Cheng V~Bakalinsky AT, 2007 no yes
Ambro Van Hoof Wilson MA~van Hoof A, 2007 no yes
Javier Botet Botet J~Santos MA, 2007 yes yes
Imelda Galvan-Márquez Galvan IJ~Smith ML, 2008 yes yes
Hernan A. Flores-Rozas Xia L~Flores-Rozas H, 2007 no yes
Youming Xie Ju D~Xie Y, 2008 no yes
Lorena Norambuena, Lorena Norambuena Norambuena L~Raikhel NV, 2008 yes yes
David Garfinkel Nyswaner KM~Garfinkel DJ, 2008 no yes
Dimitrios Kontoyiannis Chamilos G~Kontoyiannis DP, 2008 no yes
Fumiyoshi Abe Abe F~Minegishi H, 2008 no yes
Torben Heick Jensen Thomsen R~Jensen TH, 2008 no yes
Simone Ottonello Ruotolo R~Ottonello S, 2008 no yes
Jun Shima Endo A~Shima J, 2008 no yes
Alexandre Serero Serero A~Boiteux S, 2008 no yes
Anil Cashikar Mir SS~Cashikar AG, 2009 no yes
Markus Ralser Ralser M~Lehrach H, 2008 no yes
Mohammed Bellaoui, Grant Brown Yu L~Bellaoui M, 2008 yes yes
Ashkan Golshani Alamgir M~Golshani A, 2008 yes yes
Tomoyuki Nakagawa Matsufuji Y~Nakagawa T, 2008 no yes
Michel Roberge Kemmer D~Roberge M, 2009 no yes
Isabel Sa-Correia Mira NP~Sa Correia I, 2009 no yes
Markus Tamas Thorsen M~Tamas MJ, 2009 yes yes
Liz Miller Copic A~Miller EA, 2009 no yes
Maciej Lis Lis M~Bobek LA, 2009 yes yes
Isabel Sa-Correia Teixeira MC~Sa Correia I, 2009 no yes
Choowong Auesukaree Auesukaree C~Harashima S, 2009 no yes
Benedikt Westermann Merz S~Westermann B, 2009 no yes
Markus Ralser Postma L~Ralser M, 2009 no yes
Isabel Sa-Correia Teixeira MC~Sa Correia I, 2010 no yes
Mojca Mattiazzi-Usaj Mattiazzi M~Petrovic U, 2010 yes yes
Eulalia de Nadal Ruiz-Roig C~de Nadal E, 2010 no yes
David Garfinkel Dakshinamurthy A~Garfinkel DJ, 2010 no yes
Steven D. Cappell Cappell SD~Dohlman HG, 2010 yes no
Karl Kuchler Landstetter N~Kuchler K, 2010 no yes
Isabel Sa-Correia Mira NP~Sa Correia I, 2010 no yes
Irem Uluisik, Ahmet Koc Uluisik I~Koc A, 2011 no yes
Patricia Alves de Castro, Gustavo Henrique Goldman de Castro PA~Goldman GH, 2011 no yes
Youn-Sig Kwak Kwak YS~Weller DM, 2011 yes yes
Mark Bleackley, Ross MacGillivray Bleackley MR~MacGillivray RT, 2011 yes yes
Satoshi Yoshida Suzuki T~Yoshida S, 2011 no yes
Isabel Sa-Correia Dos Santos SC~Sa Correia I, 2011 no yes
Fred Winston Kloimwieder A~Winston F, 2011 no yes
Alessandra Chesi, Aaron Gitler Chesi A~Gitler AD, 2012 yes yes
Dominic Hoepfner Hoepfner D~Winzeler EA, 2012 yes yes
Sheena Singh-Babak, Leah Cowen Singh-Babak SD~Cowen LE, 2012 yes yes
Martin Schmidt Schmidt M~Boyer MP, 2012 yes yes
Naama Aviram, Maya Schuldiner Krumpe K~Schuldiner M, 2012 no yes
Gertien Smits Orij R~Smits GJ, 2012 yes yes
Linghuo Jiang Zhao Y~Jiang L, 2013 no yes
Alan Bakalinsky Smith MR~Bakalinsky AT, 2013 no yes
Dongqing Huang, Amanda G. Paulovich Huang D~Paulovich AG, 2013 no yes
Lydie Michaillat, Andreas Mayer Michaillat L~Mayer A, 2013 no yes
Daniel Gonzalez-Ramos Gonzalez-Ramos D~Daran JM, 2013 yes yes
Imelda Galvan-Márquez Galvan Marquez I~Smith ML, 2013 yes yes
Takashi Hirasawa Hirasawa T~Shimizu H, 2013 yes yes
John Choy, Munira Basrai Choy JS~Basrai MA, 2013 yes yes
Alan Bakalinsky Ding J~Bakalinsky AT, 2013 no yes
Peter Svensson, Leona Samson Svensson JP~Samson LD, 2013 yes yes
Ramon Gonzalez Novo M~Gonzalez R, 2013 yes no
Tom Prescott Prescott TA~Simmonds MS, 2014 no yes
Mark R. Bleackley Bleackley MR~Anderson MA, 2014 yes yes
Tom Prescott Prescott TA~Simmonds MS, 2014 no yes
Naama Aviram, Maya Schuldiner Cohen Y~Schuldiner M, 2014 no yes
Mark R. Bleackley Bleackley MR~Anderson MA, 2014 yes yes
Martin Tenniswood Gaupel AC~Tenniswood M, 2014 no yes
Naama Aviram, Maya Schuldiner Elbaz-Alon Y~Schuldiner M, 2014 no yes
Jeff S. Piotrowski Wyche TP~Bugni TS, 2014 yes yes
Lucília Domingues Pereira FB~Domingues L, 2014 no yes
Linghuo Jiang Jiang L~Zhang Y, 2014 no yes
Dominic Hoepfner Junne T~Hoepfner D, 2015 yes yes
Jeff S. Piotrowski Piotrowski JS~Ohya Y, 2015 yes yes
Jin Zhu, Rong Li Zhu J~Li R, 2015 yes yes
Dominic Hoepfner Krastel P~Hoepfner D, 2015 yes yes
Lorena Norambuena Vásquez-Soto B~Norambuena L, 2015 no yes
Simone Ottonello Tigano M~Ottonello S, 2015 no yes
Naama Aviram, Maya Schuldiner Dobzinski N~Gerst JE, 2015 no yes
Mark McCormick, Matt Kaeberlein, Brian Kennedy McCormick MA~Kennedy BK, 2015 yes yes
Bobbiejane Culbertson Stauffer B~Powers T, 2015 no yes
Anita Hopper Wu J~Hopper AK, 2015 no yes
Sandra Malmgren Hill, Thomas Nystroem Hill SM~Nystroem T, 2016 yes yes
Jose M. Guillamon Salvado Z~Guillamon JM, 2016 no yes
Jachoon Koo Kwon Y~Koo JC, 2016 yes yes
Erin Styles Styles EB~Andrews BJ, 2016 yes no
Lubomir Tomaska Jakubkova M~Tomaska L, 2016 no yes
Naama Aviram, Maya Schuldiner Aviram N~Schuldiner M, 2016 no yes