Dataset #1347

Name drug-sensitized hap a | growth (pooled culture) | poacic acid [88 ug/ml] | None | Piotrowski JS~Ohya Y, 2015
Paper Piotrowski JS~Ohya Y, 2015
Phenotype growth (pooled culture)
Conditions poacic acid [88 ug/ml]
Collection pdr1 pdr3 snq2 hap a
Tested mutants Number reported in the paper: 4,000
List reported in the paper: no
List available: yes — <abbr title="The list of tested mutants is not available. This is an approximate number of tested mutants as reported by the authors.">~4,000</abbr> from Jeff S. Piotrowski
Data Measured: quantitative
Published: quantitative only for hits
Available: quantitative