Yadav V~Yadav J, 2011

Pubmed ID 20967895
Title Chlorophenol stress affects aromatic amino acid biosynthesis-a genome-wide study.
Authors Vikas Yadav, Kirti Shitiz, Rishi Pandey, Jyoti Yadav
Abstract Chlorophenols are a class of chemicals commonly used in preservatives, disinfectants, algaecides, herbicides and pesticides. However, there is a growing evidence that these compounds are a threat to human health. This is alarming as many chlorophenols are common pollutants found in the global environment at potentially biohazardous levels. Despite chlorophenols being abundant, widely used and poisonous, we know relatively little about their mechanism of toxicity in eukaryotes. Thus, we performed genome-wide growth screens using Saccharomyces cerevisiae to understand the molecular basis of chlorophenol toxicity. Of ∼4850 single gene knockout strains tested, 393 mutants showed growth sensitivity to treatment with 4-chlorophenol (4-CP), 2,4-dichlorophenol (2,4-DCP) or pentachlorophenol (PCP). Only eight mutants showed growth hypersensitivity to all the three treatments and harboured deletions in genes important for aromatic amino acid biosynthesis (ARO1, ARO7) or mitochondrial protein synthesis and respiration (ATP5, ISA1, RML2, GET2, SLS1, MRPL38).
Citation Yeast 2011; 28:81-91


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Paper Phenotype Condition Medium Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Yadav V~Yadav J, 2011 growth (culture turbidity) 4-chlorophenol [1 mM] YPD hap a ~4,848 Discrete
Yadav V~Yadav J, 2011 growth (culture turbidity) 2,4-dichlorophenol [0.3 mM] YPD hap a ~4,848 Discrete
Yadav V~Yadav J, 2011 growth (culture turbidity) pentachlorophenol [0.156 mM] YPD hap a ~4,848 Discrete

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