Chesi A~Gitler AD, 2012

Pubmed ID 22457822
Title The role of the Parkinson's disease gene PARK9 in essential cellular pathways and the manganese homeostasis network in yeast.
Authors Alessandra Chesi, Austin Kilaru, Xiaodong Fang, Antony A Cooper, Aaron D Gitler
Abstract YPK9 (Yeast PARK9; also known as YOR291W) is a non-essential yeast gene predicted by sequence to encode a transmembrane P-type transport ATPase. However, its substrate specificity is unknown. Mutations in the human homolog of YPK9, ATP13A2/PARK9, have been linked to genetic forms of early onset parkinsonism. We previously described a strong genetic interaction between Ypk9 and another Parkinson's disease (PD) protein α-synuclein in multiple model systems, and a role for Ypk9 in manganese detoxification in yeast. In humans, environmental exposure to toxic levels of manganese causes a syndrome similar to PD and is thus an environmental risk factor for the disease. How manganese contributes to neurodegeneration is poorly understood. Here we describe multiple genome-wide screens in yeast aimed at defining the cellular function of Ypk9 and the mechanisms by which it protects cells from manganese toxicity. In physiological conditions, we found that Ypk9 genetically interacts with essential genes involved in cellular trafficking and the cell cycle. Deletion of Ypk9 sensitizes yeast cells to exposure to excess manganese. Using a library of non-essential gene deletions, we screened for additional genes involved in tolerance to excess manganese exposure, discovering several novel pathways involved in manganese homeostasis. We defined the dependence of the deletion strain phenotypes in the presence of manganese on Ypk9, and found that Ypk9 deletion modifies the manganese tolerance of only a subset of strains. These results confirm a role for Ypk9 in manganese homeostasis and illuminates cellular pathways and biological processes in which Ypk9 likely functions.
Citation PLoS ONE 2012; 7:e34178


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Chesi A~Gitler AD, 2012 growth (colony size) manganese(II) chloride [12 mM] CSM + G418 (200 mg/L) hap a 4,727 Quantitative
Chesi A~Gitler AD, 2012 growth (colony size) manganese(II) chloride [25 mM] CSM + G418 (200 mg/L) hap a 4,727 Quantitative

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