Zhang J~Schneider BL, 2002

Pubmed ID 12477387
Title Genomic scale mutant hunt identifies cell size homeostasis genes in S. cerevisiae.
Authors Jian Zhang, Colette Schneider, Lisa Ottmers, Robert Rodriguez, Audra Day, Jody Markwardt, Brandt L Schneider
Abstract In most eukaryotic cells, there is a relationship between cell size and proliferative capacity. For example, in order to commit to cell division, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae must attain a "critical cell size." This mechanism coordinates growth with cell division to maintain cell size homeostasis. Because very few cell size control genes are known, the genetic pathways responsible for cell size homeostasis remain obscure. Furthermore, elucidation of the mechanism of cell size homeostasis has been recalcitrant to genetic analysis primarily due to the difficulty in cloning cell size control genes.
Citation Curr. Biol. 2002; 12:1992-2001
Notes Data subdivided into HET and HOM using a list of essential genes (original info not available).


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Papers Phenotype Conditions Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Zhang J~Schneider BL, 2002 cell size standard [standard] hom 4,293 Quantitative
Zhang J~Schneider BL, 2002 cell size standard [standard] het 1,172 Quantitative

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