Baetz K~Roberge M, 2004

Pubmed ID 15070751
Title Yeast genome-wide drug-induced haploinsufficiency screen to determine drug mode of action.
Authors Kristin Baetz, Lianne McHardy, Ken Gable, Tamsin Tarling, Delphine Rebérioux, Jenny Bryan, Raymond J Andersen, Teresa Dunn, Phil Hieter, Michel Roberge
Abstract Methods to systematically test drugs against all possible proteins in a cell are needed to identify the targets underlying their therapeutic action and unwanted effects. Here, we show that a genome-wide drug-induced haploinsufficiency screen by using yeast can reveal drug mode of action in yeast and can be used to predict drug mode of action in human cells. We demonstrate that dihydromotuporamine C, a compound in preclinical development that inhibits angiogenesis and metastasis by an unknown mechanism, targets sphingolipid metabolism. The systematic, unbiased and genome-wide nature of this technique makes it attractive as a general approach to identify cellular pathways affected by drugs.
Citation Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2004; 101:4525-30


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Baetz K~Roberge M, 2004 growth (colony size) dihydromotuporamine C [60 uM] YPD het ~5,000 Discrete

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