Kang CM~Jiang YW, 2005

Pubmed ID 15645503
Title Genome-wide survey of non-essential genes required for slowed DNA synthesis-induced filamentous growth in yeast.
Authors Christopher Minkyu Kang, Yi Wei Jiang
Abstract We recently discovered that slowed DNA synthesis induces filamentous differentiation in S. cerevisiae. We screened the BY yeast deletion strains and identified four classes of non-essential genes that are required for both slowed DNA-induced filamentous growth and classic forms of filamentous growth: (a) genes encoding regulators of the actin cytoskeleton and cell polarity, ABP1, CAP2 and HUF1 (=YOR300W), in addition to the previously known BNI1, BUD2, PEA2, SPA2 and TPM1; (b) genes that are likely involved in cell wall biosynthesis, ECM25, GAS1 and PRS3; (c) genes encoding possible regulators of protein secretion, SEC66, RPL21A and RPL34B; (d) genes encoding factors for normal mitochondrial function, IML1 and UGO1. These results showed that pseudohyphal formation involves not the only previously known regulation of the actin cytoskeleton/cell polarity but also regulation of cell wall synthesis, protein secretion and mitochondrial function. Identification of multiple classes of genes that are required for both slowed DNA synthesis-induced and classic forms of filamentous growth confirms that slowed DNA synthesis-induced filamentous growth is bone fide filamentous differentiation.
Citation Yeast 2005; 22:79-90


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Kang CM~Jiang YW, 2005 filamentous growth hydroxyurea [200 mM] hap a ~4,848 Discrete

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