Corbacho I~Hernandez LM, 2005

Pubmed ID 15993632
Title A genome-wide screen for Saccharomyces cerevisiae nonessential genes involved in mannosyl phosphate transfer to mannoprotein-linked oligosaccharides.
Authors Isaac Corbacho, Isabel Olivero, Luis M Hernández
Abstract A collection of haploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae deletion strains--both MAT a and alpha--was screened for mutants that exhibit low dye binding (ldb) phenotype. This phenotype has previously been associated with reduced incorporation of mannosyl phosphate groups into the mannoprotein-linked oligosaccharides. We identified 199 nonessential genes whose deletion resulted in a detectable ldb phenotype. They fell into diverse functional categories, including those involved in protein glycosylation, vacuolar function, intracellular transport, cytoskeleton organization, transcription, signal transduction, among others. The study extends the number of known genes that affect mannosyl phosphorylation of mannoprotein-linked oligosaccharides, and establishes a link with other relevant pathways in the cell, especially vacuolar function. We have assigned an LDB name to four uncharacterized ORFs identified in this study: YCL005W, LDB16; YDL146W, LDB17; YLL049W, LDB18; and YOR322C, LDB19.
Citation Fungal Genet. Biol. 2005; 42:773-90


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Paper Phenotype Condition Medium Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Corbacho I~Hernandez LM, 2005 low dye binding (ldb) (alcian blue) standard YPD hap a/hap alpha ~4,813 Discrete

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