Memarian N~Golshani A, 2007

Pubmed ID 17408490
Title Colony size measurement of the yeast gene deletion strains for functional genomics.
Authors Negar Memarian, Matthew Jessulat, Javad Alirezaie, Nadereh Mir-Rashed, Jianhua Xu, Mehri Zareie, Myron Smith, Ashkan Golshani
Abstract Numerous functional genomics approaches have been developed to study the model organism yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with the aim of systematically understanding the biology of the cell. Some of these techniques are based on yeast growth differences under different conditions, such as those generated by gene mutations, chemicals or both. Manual inspection of the yeast colonies that are grown under different conditions is often used as a method to detect such growth differences.
Citation BMC Bioinformatics 2007; 8:117


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Papers Phenotype Conditions Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Memarian N~Golshani A, 2007 growth (colony size) berberine [70 ug/ml] hap a ~4,500 None

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