Turcotte S~Giaccia AJ, 2008

Pubmed ID 18598947
Title A molecule targeting VHL-deficient renal cell carcinoma that induces autophagy.
Authors Sandra Turcotte, Denise A Chan, Patrick D Sutphin, Michael P Hay, William A Denny, Amato J Giaccia
Abstract Renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) are refractory to standard therapies. The von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) tumor suppressor gene is inactivated in 75% of RCCs. By screening for small molecules selectively targeting VHL-deficient RCC cells, we identified STF-62247. STF-62247 induces cytotoxicity and reduces tumor growth of VHL-deficient RCC cells compared to genetically matched cells with wild-type VHL. STF-62247-stimulated toxicity occurs in a HIF-independent manner through autophagy. Reduction of protein levels of essential autophagy pathway components reduces sensitivity of VHL-deficient cells to STF-62247. Using a yeast deletion pool, we show that loss of proteins involved in Golgi trafficking increases killing by STF-62247. Thus, we have found a small molecule that selectively induces cell death in VHL-deficient cells, representing a paradigm shift for targeted therapy.
Citation Cancer Cell 2008; 14:90-102


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Turcotte S~Giaccia AJ, 2008 growth (pooled CFU) STF-62247 [0–100 μM] hom ~4,728 Discrete

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