Hartman JL 4th~Tippery NP, 2004

Pubmed ID 15239834
Title Systematic quantification of gene interactions by phenotypic array analysis.
Authors John L Hartman, Nicholas P Tippery
Abstract A phenotypic array method, developed for quantifying cell growth, was applied to the haploid and homozygous diploid yeast deletion strain sets. A growth index was developed to screen for non-additive interacting effects between gene deletion and induced perturbations. From a genome screen for hydroxyurea (HU) chemical-genetic interactions, 298 haploid deletion strains were selected for further analysis. The strength of interactions was quantified using a wide range of HU concentrations affecting reference strain growth. The selectivity of interaction was determined by comparison with drugs targeting other cellular processes. Bio-modules were defined as gene clusters with shared strength and selectivity of interaction profiles. The functions and connectivity of modules involved in processes such as DNA repair, protein secretion and metabolic control were inferred from their respective gene composition. The work provides an example of, and a general experimental framework for, quantitative analysis of gene interaction networks that buffer cell growth.
Citation Genome Biol. 2004; 5:R49
Notes AUC was calculated from multiple images of spot assays over time.


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Papers Phenotype Conditions Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Hartman JL 4th~Tippery NP, 2004 growth (AUC) hydroxyurea [50 mM] hap a 4,700 Quantitative
Hartman JL 4th~Tippery NP, 2004 growth (AUC) hydroxyurea [150 mM] hap a 4,700 Quantitative

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