Norambuena L~Raikhel NV, 2008

Pubmed ID 18179719
Title Identification of cellular pathways affected by Sortin2, a synthetic compound that affects protein targeting to the vacuole in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Authors Lorena Norambuena, Jan Zouhar, Glenn R Hicks, Natasha V Raikhel
Abstract Sortin2 is a low mass compound that interferes with vacuolar delivery of proteins in plants and yeast. The Sortin2 phenotype was tested in Arabidopsis thaliana and found to be reversible upon drug removal, demonstrating the ability of chemical genomics to induce reversible phenotypes that would be difficult to achieve using conventional genetics 1. However, standard genetic methods can be used to identify drug target pathways in a high-throughput manner.
Citation BMC Chem Biol 2008; 8:1


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Papers Phenotype Conditions Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Norambuena L~Raikhel NV, 2008 growth (spot assay) Sortin2 [4.7 uM], dymethyl sulfoxide [1%] hap alpha 4,749 Discrete

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