Jakubkova M~Tomaska L, 2016

Pubmed ID 27711131
Title Identification of Yeast Mutants Exhibiting Altered Sensitivity to Valinomycin and Nigericin Demonstrate Pleiotropic Effects of Ionophores on Cellular Processes.
Authors Michaela Jakubkova, Vladimira Dzugasova, Dominika Truban, Lenka Abelovska, Ingrid Bhatia-Kissova, Martin Valachovic, Vlasta Klobucnikova, Lucia Zeiselova, Peter Griac, Jozef Nosek, Lubomir Tomaska
Abstract Ionophores such as valinomycin and nigericin are potent tools for studying the impact of ion perturbance on cellular functions. To obtain a broader picture about molecular components involved in mediating the effects of these drugs on yeast cells under respiratory growth conditions, we performed a screening of the haploid deletion mutant library covering the Saccharomyces cerevisiae nonessential genes. We identified nearly 130 genes whose absence leads either to resistance or to hypersensitivity to valinomycin and/or nigericin. The processes affected by their protein products range from mitochondrial functions through ribosome biogenesis and telomere maintenance to vacuolar biogenesis and stress response. Comparison of the results with independent screenings performed by our and other laboratories demonstrates that although mitochondria might represent the main target for both ionophores, cellular response to the drugs is very complex and involves an intricate network of proteins connecting mitochondria, vacuoles, and other membrane compartments.
Citation PLoS ONE 2016; 11:e0164175


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Paper Phenotype Condition Medium Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Jakubkova M~Tomaska L, 2016 growth (spot assay) valinomycin [0.5-15 mg/l] sSG hap a 4,993 Discrete
Jakubkova M~Tomaska L, 2016 growth (spot assay) nigericin [0.15-0.5 mg/l] sSG hap a 4,993 Discrete

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