Bae NS~Swanson MJ, 2017

Pubmed ID 28209762
Title Saccharomyces cerevisiae that Are Haploinsufficient for Overcoming Amino Acid Starvation.
Authors Nancy S Bae, Andrew P Seberg, Leslie P Carroll, Mark J Swanson
Abstract MET15 were also tested for growth in the presence of ethionine, which causes methionine starvation. Many of the genes identified in our study were not previously identified as starvation-responsive genes, including a number of essential genes that are not easily screened in a systematic way. The genes identified span a broad range of biological functions, including many involved in some level of gene expression. Several unnamed proteins have also been identified, giving a clue as to possible functions of the encoded proteins.
Citation G3 (Bethesda) 2017; 7:1061-1084


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Bae NS~Swanson MJ, 2017 growth (spot assay) sulfometuron methyl [1-2 ug/ml], minimal complete -Ile -Val [standard] het 6,095 Discrete

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