Walker ME~Jiranek V, 2014

Pubmed ID 24993029
Title Genome-wide identification of the Fermentome; genes required for successful and timely completion of wine-like fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Authors Michelle E Walker, Trung D Nguyen, Tommaso Liccioli, Frank Schmid, Nicholas Kalatzis, Joanna F Sundstrom, Jennifer M Gardner, Vladimir Jiranek
Abstract Wine fermentation is a harsh ecological niche to which wine yeast are well adapted. The initial high osmotic pressure and acidity of grape juice is followed by nutrient depletion and increasing concentrations of ethanol as the fermentation progresses. Yeast's adaptation to these and many other environmental stresses, enables successful completion of high-sugar fermentations. Earlier transcriptomic and growth studies have tentatively identified genes important for high-sugar fermentation. Whilst useful, such studies did not consider extended growth (>5 days) in a temporally dynamic multi-stressor environment such as that found in many industrial fermentation processes. Here, we identify genes whose deletion has minimal or no effect on growth, but results in failure to achieve timely completion of the fermentation of a chemically defined grape juice with 200 g L-1 total sugar.
Citation BMC Genomics 2014; 15:552


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Walker ME~Jiranek V, 2014 sugar utilization efficiency (residual sugar wt-mut) synthetic grape juice [200 g/L glucose+fructose], time [180 h] CDGJM_200 (grape juice) hom ~5,100 Quantitative only for hits

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