Saleem RA~Aitchison JD, 2010

Pubmed ID 20694151
Title Genome-wide analysis of effectors of peroxisome biogenesis.
Authors Ramsey A Saleem, Rose Long-O'Donnell, David J Dilworth, Abraham M Armstrong, Arvind P Jamakhandi, Yakun Wan, Theo A Knijnenburg, Antti Niemistö, John Boyle, Richard A Rachubinski, Ilya Shmulevich, John D Aitchison
Abstract Peroxisomes are intracellular organelles that house a number of diverse metabolic processes, notably those required for beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Peroxisomes biogenesis can be induced by the presence of peroxisome proliferators, including fatty acids, which activate complex cellular programs that underlie the induction process. Here, we used multi-parameter quantitative phenotype analyses of an arrayed mutant collection of yeast cells induced to proliferate peroxisomes, to establish a comprehensive inventory of genes required for peroxisome induction and function. The assays employed include growth in the presence of fatty acids, and confocal imaging and flow cytometry through the induction process. In addition to the classical phenotypes associated with loss of peroxisomal functions, these studies identified 169 genes required for robust signaling, transcription, normal peroxisomal development and morphologies, and transmission of peroxisomes to daughter cells. These gene products are localized throughout the cell, and many have indirect connections to peroxisome function. By integration with extant data sets, we present a total of 211 genes linked to peroxisome biogenesis and highlight the complex networks through which information flows during peroxisome biogenesis and function.
Citation PLoS ONE 2010; 5:e11953
Data abstract Peroxisome proliferation was induced and multiple peroxisomal phenotypes were observed for deletion collection with an integrated Pot1-GFP reporter. Expression of the peroxisomal thiolase Pot1 was assayed by flow cytometry. Peroxisomal abundance, inheritance, and morphology, and Pot1 localization were assayed by microscopy.
Notes Key from Table S2 B, C = number of peroxisomes D, E = size of peroxisomes J = Pot1 inheritance K, L = Pot1 localization


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Paper Phenotype Condition Medium Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Saleem RA~Aitchison JD, 2010 abundance of a specific protein/peptide (Pot1-GFP) oleic acid [0.2%] YPB-Peptone,Tween40 hap a (post-SGA) 3,997 Quantitative
Saleem RA~Aitchison JD, 2010 number of peroxisomes oleic acid [0.2%] YPB-Peptone,Tween40 hap a (post-SGA) 4,028 Discrete
Saleem RA~Aitchison JD, 2010 size of peroxisomes oleic acid [0.2%] YPB-Peptone,Tween40 hap a (post-SGA) 4,028 Discrete
Saleem RA~Aitchison JD, 2010 peroxisome inheritance oleic acid [0.2%] YPB-Peptone,Tween40 hap a (post-SGA) 4,028 Discrete
Saleem RA~Aitchison JD, 2010 transport to/from peroxisomes (Pot1-GFP) oleic acid [0.2%] YPB-Peptone,Tween40 hap a (post-SGA) 4,028 Discrete

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