Zatorska E~Strahl S, 2017

Pubmed ID 28598353
Title Cellular Consequences of Diminished Protein O-Mannosyltransferase Activity in Baker's Yeast.
Authors Ewa Zatorska, Lihi Gal, Jaro Schmitt, Daniela Bausewein, Maya Schuldiner, Sabine Strahl
Abstract S. cerevisiae Pmt1 and Pmt2 proteins are highly similar on the sequence, as well as the structural level and act as a complex, we identified only Pmt2, but not Pmt1, as an Ost3-specific substrate protein.
Citation Int J Mol Sci 2017; 18:.


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Zatorska E~Strahl S, 2017 growth (colony size) R3A-5a [1 uM] hap a 4,577 Quantitative

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