Eapen VV~Haber JE, 2017

Pubmed ID 28154131
Title A pathway of targeted autophagy is induced by DNA damage in budding yeast.
Authors Vinay V Eapen, David P Waterman, Amélie Bernard, Nathan Schiffmann, Enrich Sayas, Roarke Kamber, Brenda Lemos, Gonen Memisoglu, Jessie Ang, Allison Mazella, Silvia G Chuartzman, Robbie J Loewith, Maya Schuldiner, Vladimir Denic, Daniel J Klionsky, James E Haber
Abstract Autophagy plays a central role in the DNA damage response (DDR) by controlling the levels of various DNA repair and checkpoint proteins; however, how the DDR communicates with the autophagy pathway remains unknown. Using budding yeast, we demonstrate that global genotoxic damage or even a single unrepaired double-strand break (DSB) initiates a previously undescribed and selective pathway of autophagy that we term genotoxin-induced targeted autophagy (GTA). GTA requires the action primarily of Mec1/ATR and Rad53/CHEK2 checkpoint kinases, in part via transcriptional up-regulation of central autophagy proteins. GTA is distinct from starvation-induced autophagy. GTA requires Atg11, a central component of the selective autophagy machinery, but is different from previously described autophagy pathways. By screening a collection of ∼6,000 yeast mutants, we identified genes that control GTA but do not significantly affect rapamycin-induced autophagy. Overall, our findings establish a pathway of autophagy specific to the DNA damage response.
Citation Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2017; 114:E1158-E1167


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Eapen VV~Haber JE, 2017 protein localization to vacuole (GFP-Atg8) methylmethane sulphonate [0.04%] hap a N/A None

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