Dobzinski N~Gerst JE, 2015

Pubmed ID 26344761
Title Starvation-Dependent Regulation of Golgi Quality Control Links the TOR Signaling and Vacuolar Protein Sorting Pathways.
Authors Niv Dobzinski, Silvia G Chuartzman, Rachel Kama, Maya Schuldiner, Jeffrey E Gerst
Abstract Upon amino acid (AA) starvation and TOR inactivation, plasma-membrane-localized permeases rapidly undergo ubiquitination and internalization via the vacuolar protein sorting/multivesicular body (VPS-MVB) pathway and are degraded in the yeast vacuole. We now show that specific Golgi proteins are also directed to the vacuole under these conditions as part of a Golgi quality-control (GQC) process. The degradation of GQC substrates is dependent upon ubiquitination by the defective-for-SREBP-cleavage (DSC) complex, which was identified via genetic screening and includes the Tul1 E3 ligase. Using a model GQC substrate, GFP-tagged Yif1, we show that vacuolar targeting necessitates upregulation of the VPS pathway via proteasome-mediated degradation of the initial endosomal sorting complex required for transport, ESCRT-0, but not downstream ESCRT components. Thus, early cellular responses to starvation include the targeting of specific Golgi proteins for degradation, a phenomenon reminiscent of the inactivation of BTN1, the yeast Batten disease gene ortholog.
Citation Cell Rep 2015; 12:1876-86


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Dobzinski N~Gerst JE, 2015 transport to vacuoles (GFP-Yif1) minimal complete -Ura [standard], temperature [26ºC] hap a 4,885 Discrete
Dobzinski N~Gerst JE, 2015 transport to vacuoles (GFP-Yif1) sirolimus [200 ug/L], minimal complete -Ura [standard], temperature [26ºC] hap a 4,885 Discrete

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