Elbaz-Alon Y~Schuldiner M, 2014

Pubmed ID 25026036
Title A dynamic interface between vacuoles and mitochondria in yeast.
Authors Yael Elbaz-Alon, Eden Rosenfeld-Gur, Vera Shinder, Anthony H Futerman, Tamar Geiger, Maya Schuldiner
Abstract Cellular life depends on continuous transport of lipids and small molecules between mitochondria and the endomembrane system. Recently, endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondrial encounter structure (ERMES) was identified as an important yet nonessential contact for such transport. Using a high-content screen in yeast, we found a contact site, marked by Vam6/Vps39, between vacuoles (the yeast lysosomal compartment) and mitochondria, named vCLAMP (vacuole and mitochondria patch). vCLAMP is enriched with ion and amino-acid transporters and has a role in lipid relay between the endomembrane system and mitochondria. Critically, we show that mitochondria are dependent on having one of two contact sites, ERMES or vCLAMP. The absence of one causes expansion of the other, and elimination of both is lethal. Identification of vCLAMP adds to our ability to understand the complexity of interorganellar crosstalk.
Citation Dev. Cell 2014; 30:95-102


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Elbaz-Alon Y~Schuldiner M, 2014 ER-mitochondria contact sites (Mdm34-GFP) standard SD hap a 4,885 Discrete

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