Campos SE~DeLuna A, 2018

Pubmed ID 29575540
Title Genomewide mechanisms of chronological longevity by dietary restriction in budding yeast.
Authors Sergio E Campos, J Abraham Avelar-Rivas, Erika Garay, Alejandro Juárez-Reyes, Alexander DeLuna
Abstract Dietary restriction is arguably the most promising nonpharmacological intervention to extend human life and health span. Yet, only few genetic regulators mediating the cellular response to dietary restriction are known, and the question remains which other regulatory factors are involved. Here, we measured at the genomewide level the chronological lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene deletion strains under two nitrogen source regimens, glutamine (nonrestricted) and γ-aminobutyric acid (restricted). We identified 473 mutants with diminished or enhanced extension of lifespan. Functional analysis of such dietary restriction genes revealed novel processes underlying longevity by the nitrogen source quality, which also allowed us to generate a prioritized catalogue of transcription factors orchestrating the dietary restriction response. Importantly, deletions of transcription factors Msn2, Msn4, Snf6, Tec1, and Ste12 resulted in diminished lifespan extension and defects in cell cycle arrest upon nutrient starvation, suggesting that regulation of the cell cycle is a major mechanism of chronological longevity. We further show that STE12 overexpression is enough to extend lifespan, linking the pheromone/invasive growth pathway with cell survivorship. Our global picture of the genetic players of longevity by dietary restriction highlights intricate regulatory cross-talks in aging cells.
Citation Aging Cell 2018; :e12749


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Campos SE~DeLuna A, 2018 chronological lifespan nonrestricted diet medium (glutamine [25 mM], minimal complete [standard]) hap alpha 3,696 Quantitative
Campos SE~DeLuna A, 2018 chronological lifespan dietary-restricted medium (gamma-aminobutyric acid [25 mM], minimal complete [standard]) hap alpha 3,696 Quantitative

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