Puddu F~Jackson SP, 2019

Pubmed ID 31511699
Title Genome architecture and stability in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae knockout collection.
Authors Fabio Puddu, Mareike Herzog, Alexandra Selivanova, Siyue Wang, Jin Zhu, Shir Klein-Lavi, Molly Gordon, Roi Meirman, Gonzalo Millan-Zambrano, I├▒igo Ayestaran, Israel Salguero, Roded Sharan, Rong Li, Martin Kupiec, Stephen P Jackson
Abstract 4-6, but a complete overview of these is lacking. The identification and analysis of genes that are required for maintaining genomic stability have traditionally relied on reporter assays and on the study of deletions of individual genes, but whole-genome-sequencing technologies now enable-in principle-the direct observation of genome instability globally and at scale. To exploit this opportunity, we sequenced the whole genomes of nearly all of the 4,732 strains comprising the homozygous diploid YKOC. Here, by extracting information on copy-number variation of tandem and interspersed repetitive DNA elements, we describe-for almost every single non-essential gene-the genomic alterations that are induced by its loss. Analysis of this dataset reveals genes that affect the maintenance of various genomic elements, highlights cross-talks between nuclear and mitochondrial genome stability, and shows how strains have genetically adapted to life in the absence of individual non-essential genes.
Citation Nature 2019; 573:416-420


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