Freimoser FM~Amrhein N, 2006

Pubmed ID 17107617
Title Systematic screening of polyphosphate (poly P) levels in yeast mutant cells reveals strong interdependence with primary metabolism.
Authors Florian M Freimoser, Hans Caspar Hürlimann, Claude A Jakob, Thomas P Werner, Nikolaus Amrhein
Abstract Inorganic polyphosphate (poly P) occurs universally in all organisms from bacteria to man. It functions, for example, as a phosphate and energy store, and is involved in the activation and regulation of proteins. Despite its ubiquitous occurrence and important functions, it is unclear how poly P is synthesized or how poly P metabolism is regulated in higher eukaryotes. This work describes a systematic analysis of poly P levels in yeast knockout strains mutated in almost every non-essential gene.
Citation Genome Biol. 2006; 7:R109


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Freimoser FM~Amrhein N, 2006 inorganic phosphate abundance standard [standard] hap a 4,785 Quantitative

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