Zacchi LF~Bernstein KA, 2017

Pubmed ID 28768697
Title Early-onset torsion dystonia: a novel high-throughput yeast genetic screen for factors modifying protein levels of torsinAΔE.
Authors Lucía F Zacchi, John C Dittmar, Michael J Mihalevic, Annette M Shewan, Benjamin L Schulz, Jeffrey L Brodsky, Kara A Bernstein
Abstract EUG1, which encodes a member of the protein disulfide isomerase family (PDIs). PDIs reside in the ER and catalyze the formation of disulfide bonds, mediate protein quality control and aid in nascent protein folding. We validated the role of select human PDIs in torsinA biogenesis in mammalian cells and found that overexpression of PDIs reduced the levels of torsinA and torsinAΔE. Together, our data report the first genome-wide screen to identify cellular factors that alter expression levels of the EOTD-associated protein torsinAΔE. More generally, the identified hits help in dissecting the cellular machinery involved in folding and degrading a torsinA variant, and constitute potential therapeutic factors for EOTD. This screen can also be readily adapted to identify factors impacting the levels of any protein of interest, considerably expanding the applicability of yeast in both basic and applied research.
Citation Dis Model Mech 2017; 10:1129-1140


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Zacchi LF~Bernstein KA, 2017 expression of torsinA-delE standard SC - Leu + 5-FOA + Gal hap alpha 2,826 Quantitative

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