Grossmann G~Tanner W, 2008

Pubmed ID 19064668
Title Plasma membrane microdomains regulate turnover of transport proteins in yeast.
Authors Guido Grossmann, Jan Malinsky, Wiebke Stahlschmidt, Martin Loibl, Ina Weig-Meckl, Wolf B Frommer, Miroslava Opekarov√°, Widmar Tanner
Abstract In this study, we investigate whether the stable segregation of proteins and lipids within the yeast plasma membrane serves a particular biological function. We show that 21 proteins cluster within or associate with the ergosterol-rich membrane compartment of Can1 (MCC). However, proteins of the endocytic machinery are excluded from MCC. In a screen, we identified 28 genes affecting MCC appearance and found that genes involved in lipid biosynthesis and vesicle transport are significantly overrepresented. Deletion of Pil1, a component of eisosomes, or of Nce102, an integral membrane protein of MCC, results in the dissipation of all MCC markers. These deletion mutants also show accelerated endocytosis of MCC-resident permeases Can1 and Fur4. Our data suggest that release from MCC makes these proteins accessible to the endocytic machinery. Addition of arginine to wild-type cells leads to a similar redistribution and increased turnover of Can1. Thus, MCC represents a protective area within the plasma membrane to control turnover of transport proteins.
Citation J. Cell Biol. 2008; 183:1075-88


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Grossmann G~Tanner W, 2008 protein transport to the MCC (HUP1-GFP) standard SD + His + Leu hom ~4,365 Unknown

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