Hoffert KM~Strome ED, 2019

Pubmed ID 31270132
Title Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Genome-Wide Screens and Reproducibility.
Authors Kellyn M Hoffert, Erin D Strome
Abstract Saccharomyces cerevisiae deletion collection (≈ 6500 strains), 217 genes whose disruption leads to increased LOH events at the endogenously heterozygous mating type locus were identified. Our investigation to refine this list of genes to candidates with the most definite impact on LOH includes: secondary testing for LOH impact at an additional locus, gene ontology analysis to determine common gene characteristics, and positional gene enrichment studies to identify chromosomal regions important in LOH events. Further, we conducted extensive comparisons of our data to screens with similar, but distinct methodologies, to further distinguish genes that are more likely to be true contributors to instability due to their reproducibility, and not just identified due to the stochastic nature of LOH. Finally, we selected nine candidate genes and quantitatively measured their impact on LOH as a benchmark for the impact of genes identified in our study. Our data add to the existing body of work and strengthen the evidence of single-gene knockdowns contributing to genome instability.
Citation G3 (Bethesda) 2019; 9:2835-2850
Data abstract Deletion collection was screened for loss of heterozygosity at mating type locus.


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Hoffert KM~Strome ED, 2019 loss of heterozygosity at MAT locus (diploid mating) standard YPD + G418 [200 ug/ml] het 6,065 Discrete

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