Alamgir M~Golshani A, 2008

Pubmed ID 19055778
Title Chemical-genetic profile analysis in yeast suggests that a previously uncharacterized open reading frame, YBR261C, affects protein synthesis.
Authors Md Alamgir, Veronika Eroukova, Matthew Jessulat, Jianhua Xu, Ashkan Golshani
Abstract Functional genomics has received considerable attention in the post-genomic era, as it aims to identify function(s) for different genes. One way to study gene function is to investigate the alterations in the responses of deletion mutants to different stimuli. Here we investigate the genetic profile of yeast non-essential gene deletion array (yGDA, approximately 4700 strains) for increased sensitivity to paromomycin, which targets the process of protein synthesis.
Citation BMC Genomics 2008; 9:583


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Papers Phenotype Conditions Collection Tested mutants Data Details
Alamgir M~Golshani A, 2008 growth (colony size) paromomycin [13 mg/ml] hap a 4,669 Quantitative

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