Kanki T~Klionsky DJ, 2009

Pubmed ID 19793921
Title A genomic screen for yeast mutants defective in selective mitochondria autophagy.
Authors Tomotake Kanki, Ke Wang, Misuzu Baba, Clinton R Bartholomew, Melinda A Lynch-Day, Zhou Du, Jiefei Geng, Kai Mao, Zhifen Yang, Wei-Lien Yen, Daniel J Klionsky
Abstract Mitophagy is the process of selective mitochondrial degradation via autophagy, which has an important role in mitochondrial quality control. Very little is known, however, about the molecular mechanism of mitophagy. A genome-wide yeast mutant screen for mitophagy-defective strains identified 32 mutants with a block in mitophagy, in addition to the known autophagy-related (ATG) gene mutants. We further characterized one of these mutants, ylr356wDelta that corresponds to a gene whose function has not been identified. YLR356W is a mitophagy-specific gene that was not required for other types of selective autophagy or macroautophagy. The deletion of YLR356W partially inhibited mitophagy during starvation, whereas there was an almost complete inhibition at post-log phase. Accordingly, we have named this gene ATG33. The new mutants identified in this analysis will provide a useful foundation for researchers interested in the study of mitochondrial homeostasis and quality control.
Citation Mol. Biol. Cell 2009; 20:4730-8


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Kanki T~Klionsky DJ, 2009 mitophagy (Om45-GFP) standard YPL [2%] hap alpha 4,464 Discrete

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