Copic A~Miller EA, 2009

Pubmed ID 19433630
Title Genomewide analysis reveals novel pathways affecting endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis, protein modification and quality control.
Authors Alenka Copic, Mariana Dorrington, Silvere Pagant, Justine Barry, Marcus C S Lee, Indira Singh, John L Hartman, Elizabeth A Miller
Abstract To gain new mechanistic insight into ER homeostasis and the biogenesis of secretory proteins, we screened a genomewide collection of yeast mutants for defective intracellular retention of the ER chaperone, Kar2p. We identified 87 Kar2p-secreting strains, including a number of known components in secretory protein modification and sorting. Further characterization of the 73 nonessential Kar2p retention mutants revealed roles for a number of novel gene products in protein glycosylation, GPI-anchor attachment, ER quality control, and retrieval of escaped ER residents. A subset of these mutants, required for ER retrieval, included the GET complex and two novel proteins that likely function similarly in membrane insertion of tail-anchored proteins. Finally, the variant histone, Htz1p, and its acetylation state seem to play an important role in maintaining ER retrieval pathways, suggesting a surprising link between chromatin remodeling and ER homeostasis.
Citation Genetics 2009; 182:757-69


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Copic A~Miller EA, 2009 transport to/from ER (Kar2) standard [standard] hap alpha 4,749 Quantitative only for hits

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